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Why Coffee Matters!

Canteen’s Coffee Service Bring the coffeehouse experience to your workplace. We live in a coffee culture, where employees, clients, and customers have all come to expect coffee to be offered for morning and afternoon meetings. Plus, having coffee available in the workplace can significantly boost employee morale and production.

  • 34% of Americans claim they are less productive without their cup of Joe.
  • 40% admit they can’t concentrate as well without coffee.
  • 24% of American workers buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job well done.

So, treat them to the best with a customized menu of office coffee options. An office that provides its employees with top quality coffee sees a rise in productivity, savings, satisfaction and overall mood. Take advantage of all the great benefits an office coffee service provides – it’s an investment that truly pays for itself.

We have put together the following resource to show you Why Coffee Matters:

  • The benefits of all the different ways we enjoy our coffee.
  • How much time and money can be saved when employees don’t have to leave the office for a coffee break.
  • How to determine what blend is right for your employees.
  • And many more advantages of providing coffee for your employees.

From: Canteen – Why Coffee Matters

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